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Gender and Development
The GAD Plan was formulated in pursuant to and in accordance with the Republic Act No. 9710 or the Magna Carta of Women, within the context of the agency's mandate. The GAD plan responds to the gender gaps or issues faced by the agency's clients and stakeholders, a s well as its women and men employees. The development of the GAD plan was guided by the DBM, NEDA and NCRFW Joint Circular No. 2004-1.

In 1996, the Philippine Plan for Gender Responsive Development 1995-2025 was adopted through Executive Order 273 which required that all government agencies, departments, bureaus, offices and instrumentality's, including government-owned and controlled corporations at the national and local levels are directed to incorporate GAD concerns in their annual budget proposals.

The agency continuously generates reports on sex-disaggregated data in its personnel statistics, training and IEC activities. It also integrates GAD to different training programs to provide employees with GAD concepts.

A Center of Excellence of geospatially empowered women and men jointly providing the public with quality products and services.
To provide maps, charts, and other geospatial products and services through gender-responsive programs and projects.
1. Strengthen organizational practices for women empowerment towards gender equality.

2. Increase involvement of women stakeholders in product and services development and enhancement.

3. Ensure availability and access to gender information.
NAMRIA GAD Focal Point System (GFPS)

The GFPS ensures and sustains NAMRIA's support to gender issues and takes a lead role in direction setting, advocacy, planning and budgeting, monitoring and evaluation, and mainstreaming of GAD perspectives in the agency.

The Focal Person oversees GAD plans and budgets, projects, and activities; mobilizes the GFPS Committees; and represents NAMRIA in the Department of Environment and Natural Resources GFPS and interagency meetings. The GFPS Committees assist in mainstreaming GAD in the programs, projects, activities, and processes of NAMRIA.

Head of Agency: Usec. Peter N. Tiangco, PhD, CESO I

Working Group
GFPS Executive Committee (GFPS Execom):
Ofelia T. Castro
Arlene B. Brillantes
Efren P. Carandang
Ronaldo C. Gatchalian
Sylvia L. Esperanza
Rowena E. Bongalos
Maria Romina DR. Pe Benito
Atty. Jessie M. Racimo
Capt. Carter S. Luma-ang
GFPS Technical Working Group (GFPS TWG):
Arlene B. Brillantes
Policy, Plans and Programs (PPP):
Head Focal Person:
Ronaldo C. Gatchalian
Asst. Focal Person:
Xenia R. Andres
Paulina S. Bernabe
Estela C. Gumabon
Norelius G. Baloran
Lt. Kerwin C. Ferrer
Aljerico A. Alcala
Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E):
Head Focal Person:
Sylvia L. Esperanza
Asst. Focal Person:
LCdr. Lorena Jasmin D. Lerio
Fatima A. Santos
Joedy Anne A. Nudo
Maricel P. De Luna
Head Focal Person:
Atty. Jessie M. Racimo
Asst. Focal Person:
Florence M. Acle
Cristina M. Montoya
Precious M. Navarro
Alvin F. Laurio
Annalyn P. Perez
Finance and Logistics:
Head Focal Person:
Rowena E. Bongalos
Asst. Focal Person:
Amelito M. Dela Cruz
Aubrey George T. Corpuz
April Gem M. Viado
Maria Sibyl E. Bellen
Information, Education and Communication (IEC):
Head Focal Person:
Maria Romina DR. Pe Benito
Asst. Focal Person:
Jeffrey A. Quodala
Zenaida A. Leano
Lt. Geraldine O. Ronquillo
Jeffrey M. Aguillon
Erwin D. Famatiga
Norman L. Boydon
GFPS Secretariat:
Head Focal Person:
Jeanevie T. Habitan
Asst. Focal Person:
Lea Katrina A. Angeles
Monaliza M. Espiritu
Mary Ann Belen
SN3 Keith C. Lgunday

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NAMRIA produces topographic maps that are used as base maps for other thematic maps like land cover, land condition, land classification, cadastral, etc. In addition, we have digital data of road maps available. This data comes from the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).
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