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Citizen's Charter
The NAMRIA Citizen’s Charter describes the standards on the key services of the agency for the provision of geospatial information and operations support products and services.

It details the step-by-step procedure for the frontline services; the employee responsible for each step; the time needed to complete the procedure; the amount of applicable fees; the required documents to be presented by the applicant or requesting party; and the procedure for filing complaints.

Purpose of the Citizen's Charter

To promote transparency in NAMRIA with regard to the manner of transacting with the public through the simplification of frontline service procedures, formulation of service standards for every transaction, and making these known to the customer.

NAMRIA is mandated to provide the public with mapmaking services and to act as the central mapping agency, depository, and distribution facility for natural resources data in the form of maps, charts, text and statistics.
Mission and Vision

NAMRIA's mission is to provide quality topographic maps, nautical charts, and other geospatial products and services in a timely and coordinated manner.
NAMRIA's vision is to become a center of excellence, building a geospatially-empowered Philippines.
Service Pledge

We at NAMRIA, guided by our mandate, vision, mission, and core values, are committed to our clients’ and stakeholders’ utmost satisfaction in providing quality geospatial information and services while upholding the regulatory, professional, ethical, and efficiency standards.

In any disruptive situation, we shall exert our best efforts to promptly recover our viability, restore our operations, ensure the continuity of our essential functions, and strengthen the resilience of our agency, bearing in mind the welfare of our fellow employees and guests, and the protection of our resources.

We shall constantly enhance our competencies to continually improve our quality and continuity management systems, adopt world-class technologies, respond to the needs of changing times, and be an agent for a geospatially empowered Philippines.
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