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CIP recommends QMS re-certification for NAMRIA
News & Event(s) | Cherrylin Mendoza | 7 September 2016 | Print
NAMRIA’s efforts yielded positive results, as it was assured of a recommendation for continued re-certification to ISO 9001-2008. This re-certification is based on the findings of the 7th surveillance audit conducted on 22-23 August 2016. The Certification International Philippines Inc. (CIP) made the pronouncement during the closing meeting held at the NAMRIA Boardroom on 23 August 2016. Meanwhile, Deputy Administrator Jose C. Cabayan, Jr., on behalf of Administrator Peter N. Tiangco, thanked the CIP auditors, NAMRIA officials, and employees for the support extended during the surveillance audit. 
NAMRIA Management Team with CIP auditors during presentation of audit results  
The CIP auditors namely: Mr. Justo Batoon, Jr. and Mr. Marlon Campued randomly picked and audited the following areas: (1) Hydrography Branch - Survey Support Division (SSD), Nautical Charting, Physical Oceanography, and Maritime Affairs Divisions, Barko ng Republika ng Pilipinas (BRP) Hydrographer Presbitero, and BRP Hydrographer Ventura; (2) Mapping and Geodesy Branch - Geodesy Division (GD), Cartography, Photogrammetry, and Reprography and Printing Divisions; (3) Resource Data Analysis Branch - Land Resource Data Analysis and Land Classification Divisions; (4) Geospatial Information Management Branch - Geospatial Database Management and Geospatial System Development Divisions; 5) Support Services Branch - Property and Supply Management Section (PSMS), Human Resource Development Section (HRDS), Financial Management Division (FMD), and Policy and Planning Division (PPD); (6) Verification of previous non-conformities; (7) Internal Audit Correction, Corrective/ Preventive Action; and (8) Management Review on Use of Logo and Validation of Scope.
Audit for Management Review on Use of Logo and Validation of Scope 
At the closing meeting, the CIP auditors reported that NAMRIA Management Team with CIP auditors during presentation of audit results Audit for Management Review on Use of Logo and Validation of Scope the audit plan was fully covered and majority of the areas verified were found to have high levels of compliance to Quality Management System (QMS) standards. However, the CIP audit team raised two new minor Non-Conformities (NCs) in the following areas: (1) PSMS - The accuracy of the inventory list cannot be determined against the actual stocks because the stock cards are not updated; and (2) Survey vessels - There were no available evidences shown that the measuring equipment readings were validated against measurement standards traceable to international standards. On the verification of the previous three minor NCs reported during the 6th surveillance and re-assessment audit, the observed NC at the FMD was eventually closed. Meanwhile, the two remaining minor NCs remain open because the same issues were still seen during verification. These NCs are : (1) Requirement of the organization’s procedure or the Standard Operating Instructions (SOI) on “Learning and Development” to conduct a training effectiveness assessment three months after the conduct of every training program was not properly implemented (ADG/01-RA); and (2) The Requests for Action yielded no documented connections and corrective actions for the unmet targets of the objectives (ADG/02-RA). The audit team cautioned the agency to carefully address these issues in order to prevent the same from becoming full blown NCs.
Audit for Geospatial Database Management Division with CIP Auditor Justo Batoon, Jr 
Audit for Reprography and Printing Division with CIP Auditor Justo Batoon, Jr 
Some observations to consider for improvement were also reported for the following areas: (1) For the SSD to review the procedure in the acquisition of data including the specific forms to be used; (2) For the GD to be consistent on reports pertaining narrative and figurative accomplishments; (3) For Management Review on Use of Logo and Validation of Scope, the holding of a discussion on review input, decisions and actions that will emanate from the review, and review output in relation to the improvement of QMS and resource needs; (4) For the BRP Presbitero to document action to address the unmet Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on the hydrographic survey projects completed for 2015 as these were not available at the time of the audit; and there were no updated monthly reports prepared for the depth structure condition results; (5) For the PSMS to clearly set targets, when applicable, for processing requests for both local and international transactions; (6) For the HRDS to reflect the process of handling training programs from public offerings in their procedure; and to have a controlled copy of the Learning and Development SOI; (7) For the PPD to clarify the organization’s own rating system and align it with the DENR Performance Based Bonus rating system; (8) For the Internal Audit Correction, Corrective/Preventive Action entries to cover documentation of results of clarifications on effectiveness to be consistently reflected in the requests for action; the identification of causes of potential NCs; the correction of the typographical error wherein the preventive action was interchanged with corrective action; and to identify and document criteria for selecting internal auditors.
Audit for Human Resource Development Section with CIP Auditor Marlon Campued 
Audit for Land Classification Division with CIP Auditor Justo Batoon, Jr 
The 7th surveillance audit was the 1st audit after the agency’s application for continued QMS re-certification.

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