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NAMRIA oceanographers attend training on precise leveling
Trainings / Workshops | Elvie Mae B. Balea, Christopher Diondel S. Duque, Norelius G. Baloran | 20 April 2018 | Print
The University of the Philippines Training Center for Applied Geodesy and Photogrammetry (UPTCAGP) recently conducted a training on precise leveling for the personnel of the Physical Oceanography Division (POD) of the NAMRIA Hydrography Branch (HB).  Nineteen participants from the POD completed the learning activity which was held at TCAGP, Melchor Hall, College of Engineering, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City on 06–09, 12-14 March 2018.  The training’s overall objective was to enhance the knowledge and skills of the participants with the principles and techniques in conducting precise leveling for vertical datum determinations.
The lecturers from UPTCAGP were Engr. Louie P. Balicanta (TCAGP Director), Dr. Engr. Rosalie B. Reyes, Engr. Gerald B. Quiocho, Engr. Bienvenido G. Carcellar III, Engr. Erica Erin E. Elazegui, Engr. Karl Adrian Vergara, and Engr. Luis Carlos S. Mabaquiao.  The resource persons discussed the following topics: Introduction to Precise Leveling, Precise Leveling Using a Level, Precise Trigonometric Leveling, Leveling Adjustments, GNSS Leveling, and GNSS Network Adjustment.
Lectures including hands-on fieldwork exercises were conducted using various survey instruments.  In the fieldwork exercises, the participants were introduced to differential leveling using digital level, trigonometric leveling using total station, and GPS leveling. Control points within the UP Diliman Campus were given as references during the conduct of the fieldwork exercises.

Engineer Carcellar (in yellow shirt) lectures on precise trigonometric leveling using a total station 


Dr. Engr. Reyes facilitates fieldwork on GPS Leveling 

On the last day of the training, the participants were asked to provide and present the fieldwork results in their respective areas gathered during their training.  NAMRIA HB-POD Chief Dennis B. Bringas attended and served as guest adjudicator for the presented outputs.  In the closing program held after the presentations, he and NAMRIA HB-POD Oceanographic Surveys Section (OSS) Chief Norelius G. Baloran thanked the UPTCAGP personnel for their continuing support in the conduct of trainings for the NAMRIA HB-POD.  Mr. Bringas also reminded the participants of the importance of obtaining highly accurate tidal leveling data.  Both institutions conveyed their respective commitments to continue their partnership for future endeavors, driven by the need to improve the quality of data provided to the clients.  In her closing remarks, Dr. Rhodora M. Gonzales, Professor at the UP Department of Geodetic Engineering, praised the participants for their very active involvement and interest in the training.  She said she was highly impressed that despite the very limited training duration, they were able to grasp and deliver the expected results and outputs and even exceeded expectations. 

Professor Gonzales delivers her closing remarks


Professor Gonzales, Dr. Engr. Reyes, and NAMRIA HB-POD Chief Bringas (beside them)

with the NAMRIA HB-POD training participants 


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