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NAMRIA DA Carandang bags the Presidential Gawad CES Award for 2016
News & Event(s) | Jeffrey Quodala | 8 February 2017 | Print
NAMRIA’s very own Deputy Administrator (DA) Efren Perez Carandang, Career Executive Service Officer (CESO) III is one of the three CESOs conferred with the Presidential Gawad Career Executive Service (CES) Award for 2016. The other two are Department of Health Region I-Mariano Marcos Memorial Hospital and Medical Center Chief of Hospital III Ma. Lourdes K. Otayza, CESO V, and Department of Environment and Natural Resources Region X Regional Director Ruth Manigos-Tawantawan, CESO III.
DA Carandang underwent three rigorous stages before he got the award, namely: pre-screening, screening, and selection of winners. The pre-screening level was conducted by the CES Management Committee on 29 June 2016. This stage was devoted to the completion of documents and adherence to the criteria set forth by the CES. The second stage was trimming down of the nominees to 11 finalists by the Screening Committee composed of previous Gawad CES winners on 04 August 2016. DA Carandang and the other nominees were subjected to various in-depth on-the-job validations of the accomplishments cited in their respective nomination forms and curriculum vitae. This also involved interviews with people in NAMRIA and other agencies and organizations. Among the interviewees were people DA Carandang is working with, as well as those from the community where he lives. The final stage was the selection of winners by the Committee on Awards (COA).
The COA cited the contributions of DA Carandang to NAMRIA and to the entire government bureaucracy. His significant accomplishments were, as follows: (1) the remarkable works in the preparation of the country’s Extended Continental Shelf submission and its defense before the United Nations (UN) Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf that added 135,506 square kilometers of seabed area in the Benham Rise Region; (2) provision of key technical assistance in the conduct of negotiations with neighboring coastal states for the delimitation of overlapping maritime boundaries, which was instrumental to the success of the negotiations that resulted in the settlement of the Philippine maritime boundaries with the Republic of Indonesia, and other maritime and territorial issues; (3) exceptional participation in the gathering of global support for and promoting of the “Strategic Framework on Geospatial Information and Services for Disasters 2016-2030” leading to its endorsement by the UN-Global Geospatial Information Management Bureau to the UN Economic and Social Council; (4) and championing NAMRIA's human resource and organizational development programs until it was awarded the highest level of maturity (Maturity Level 2) in all four areas of human resource management among all government agencies assessed by the Civil Service Commission.
DA Carandang and his co-awardees will be recognized by no less than President Rodrigo Roa Duterte in a formal award presentation ceremony to be held at the Malacañang Palace. They will receive a Presidential Plaque of Recognition, a Gawad CES statuette, and cash prize.
DA Carandang, a consistent academic achiever and leader during his student days, started his illustrious career in the government in 1984 as a cadet in the corps of commissioned service in the then Bureau of Coast and Geodetic Survey (now NAMRIA-Hydrography Branch). He successfully passed the Career Executive Service Board Management Aptitude Test Battery examination and CES Eligibility in 2000 and 2001, respectively. He was originally appointed to CESO V by then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on 17 March 2003 and worked his way up to becoming a CESO III on 26 March 2013.

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