Official PRS92 Transformation Parameters

For GPS users, the following transformation parameters will be necessary when undertaking local surveys. They relate the WGS84 Datum, to which all GPS data is referenced to PRS92 on the Luzon Datum. These parameters are applied to WGS84 geocentric cartesian coordinates to give cartesian coordinates of the PRS92 datum which will then be transformed to geographical PRS92 coordinates.

Transformation parameters (WGS84 to PRS92):

Delta X = 127.62153 meters
Delta Y = 67.24339 meters
Delta Z = 47.04738 meters
Rot X = -3.06803 seconds
Rot Y = 4.90297 seconds
Rot Z = 1.57807 seconds
scale parameter = 1.06002

Transformation parameters (PRS92 to WGS84):

Delta X = -127.622 meters
Delta Y = -67.245 meters
Delta Z = -47.0433 meters
Rot X = 3.068 seconds
Rot Y = -4.903 seconds
Rot Z = -1.578 seconds
scale parameter = -1.06002

The general similarity transformation formula that relates two sets of coordinates is shown below:


  News and Events

Workshop on nSDI held

A workshop on the establishment of the NAMRIA spatial data infrastructure (nSDI) was held at the NAMRIA Lecture Hall last 18 August with participants from the agency’s various departments, most of whom attended the Strengthening  NAMRIA Middle-Management Leadership training. The workshop was spearheaded by the ad hoc technical working groups (TWGs) on institutional framework, fundamental datasets and standards, and clearinghouse network.

Station Balanacan to be named as national landmark

The Interagency Task Group Balanacan spearheaded by Deputy Administrator Linda SD. Papa presented the Station Balanacan preservation initiatives to the Marinduque Provincial Government on 16 August 2010. The interagency task group is composed of representatives from NAMRIA and the Region IV-B office of DENR. The group works with local government units, regional line agencies, and the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) in carrying out its initiatives.

Program Review and Analysis conducted for PRS92

NAMRIA hosted the PRS92 Program Review and Analysis (PRA) for Luzon on 07-08 April 2010 and for Visayas and Mindanao on 22-23 April 2010 at the NAMRIA Lecture Hall in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.



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What is PRS92?

PRS92 or the Philippine Reference System of 1992 is a homogeneous national network of geodetic control points (GCPs), marked by concrete monuments or mojons, that has been established using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.