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NAMRIA awarded We invest in people Silver accreditation
Accreditations | Xenia R. Andres and Nessil Marie B. Gonzalvo | 31 May 2021 | Print
People feel a high sense of pride in the agency’s purpose and their importance in achieving the objective.
People find their leaders to be honest, transparent, and approachable so they can elevate their concerns to senior leaders to settle unresolved issues anytime.
Leaders are role models of the values, technically competent, and support people to grow in their careers.
There is high trust at all levels that is key to smooth relationships because of open communication and transparency.
These are just some of the positive outcomes arising from NAMRIA’s processes and practices in the reaccreditation assessment summary made by Investors in People (IIP) practitioners.
And after having met all the requirements for IIP Generation 6 Framework in the reaccreditation assessment, NAMRIA was awarded Silver accreditation during the feedback meeting held with Ms. Teresita A. Villanueva, IIP Lead Assessor, on 18 May 2021.
NAMRIA Administrator, Usec. Peter N. Tiangco received the good news and was elated with the award.  “This makes NAMRIA among the best globally for people management practices,” he said, and expressed his congratulations to all the people of the agency for achieving the three-year IIP Silver accreditation.  Moreover, Administrator Tiangco encouraged everyone in the organization to sustain the good leadership and people management practices espoused by IIP and to aim for higher IIP award levels in the years to come.
Among the top priorities the Administrator cited is “to hone people’s knowledge and skills so that they can be excellent in delivering the Agency’s products and services.” He underscored that “the most important way to achieve the Agency’s purpose is to build your people’s capability.  People’s capabilities will be the basis of whether we can meet our goals or not.”
The reaccreditation assessment was conducted from November 2020 to March 2021.  The reassessment elements were the results of surveys, discussion of organizational context with the senior leadership team, conversations with the agency’s people, observations of meetings, and review of documents.  These documents covered NAMRIA’s vision, mission, and goals, human resource (HR) and organizational development systems and processes, HR profile and strength, communication approaches, and corporate social responsibility projects, among others.  Also in the IIP reaccreditation assessment team is Ms. Rosario Ventura.  
NAMRIA was reassessed using the IIP four-stage performance model (Developed, Established, Advanced, and High Performing) across nine indicators and 27 themes.  The indicators include (1) Leading and Inspiring People, (2) Living the Organization’s Values and Behaviors, (3) Empowering and Involving People, (4) Managing Performance, (5) Recognizing and Rewarding High Performance, (6) Structuring Work, (7) Building Capability, (8) Delivering Continuous Improvement, and (9) Creating Sustainable Success.  NAMRIA met the required performance indicators at the Silver accreditation level, i.e., all nine indicators at the Developed level and seven of the nine indicators at the Established level.
The insights and recommendations highlighted in the reaccreditation assessment report were organized under the seven IIP pathways to agility, namely, (1) Main focus: profit to purpose, (2) Leadership style: managing by control to leading, (3) Communication: privacy to transparency, (4) Capacity building: current performance to future capability building, (5) Organization structure: hierarchy to networks, (6) Planning and implementation: predict and control to sense and respond, and(7) Performance and motivation: measurement and extrinsic motivation to improvement and intrinsic motivation. Annual reviews will be held in 2022 and 2023 to talk about progress against action plans based on the recommendations.
IIP is an internationally recognized institution that sets the standard for better people management by defining what it takes to lead, support, and manage people well for sustainable results.  It has developed and refined itsWe invest in people accreditationover nearly 30 years to help companies, leaders and employees work together to create better, more productive workplaces.  IIP has accredited more than 50,000 organizations and its We invest in people accreditation is recognized in 66 countries around the world, making it the global benchmark when it comes to people management. (Source: https://www.investorsinpeople.com/accreditations/we-invest-in-people/)
NAMRIA is the first national government agency to be IIP We invest in people Silver-accredited, next to the Civil Service Commission which is a constitutional commission.  NAMRIA was awarded an Accredited status following the initial IIP assessment done in 2017. 
About the Accreditation Feedback Meeting
Atty. Jessie M. Racimo, Officer in Charge (OIC), Administrative Division welcomed the participants to the feedback meeting and invited them to listen and learn more about the agency’s reassessment result and partnership with IIP.
Ms. Teresita A. Villanueva, IIP Lead Assessor, congratulated NAMRIA for a very good accomplishment and well-deserved Silver accreditation.  She also shared the good practices that made the agency achieve its Silver accreditation, the major improvements that can be made, and next steps for action planning.
IIP Lead Assessor, Ms. Villanueva, congratulates NAMRIA for its We invest in people Silver accreditation.
The branch directors delivered their respective response and commitment to the IIP leadership and good people management challenge.  Director Ruel DM. Belen committed to develop and motivate the Mapping and Geodesy Branch employees towards the accomplishment of projects.  OIC-Director Febrina E. Damaso committed the support of the Geospatial Information System Management Branch to all the IIP activities.  OIC-Director CDR Antonio G. Valenzuela Jr. committed the continuous improvement of Hydrography Branch and the PRAISE Committee.  OIC-Dir. Ofelia T. Castro also pledged for the Resource Data Analysis Branch to be continuously improved and moreover encouraged other managers to aim for Platinum accreditation.  OIC-Director Concepcion A. Bringas gave the assurance of unity in the Support Services Branch to meet the challenge for higher levels of IIP accreditation.   
Engr. Ronaldo C. Gatchalian, Organization of NAMRIA Employees (ONE) President, said that on behalf of NAMRIA employees, he is also accepting the challenge to go for higher levels of IIP accreditation. 
OIC-Deputy Administrator John SF. Fabic gave the closing message and thanked Ms. Villanueva, as the lead assessor, for the good work she has done for NAMRIA to reach the Silver accreditation.  He congratulated everyone and emphasized that there is no way for NAMRIA to go but up.
Screenshots of some of the participants during the NAMRIA IIP Accreditation Feedback Meeting.

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